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                                           Foreword by Fr. Chris Aridas

In the spirit of George MacDonald and Charles Williams, Doug Michaud's Eve of All Hallows draws the reader into the parallel universe of our human imagination where all that is good is real and all that is real may not be good. Cadenced with a storyteller's flair, the story immediately captures the reader's attention with a driving narrative that unleashes our fears and fantasies — the reality of evil in everyday experiences. Who has not sensed the presence of Evil? Who has not had "I've been here before" experiences? Who has not felt a Presence that brought peace and calm? Using the hook of human experience with efficacy, Mr. Michaud disarms our defenses with the opening scenes of youthful summer play and story-telling, helping us to settle comfortably into place, as the story commences. Then with an irresistible force, the story lures us into its magic.
As with any good story, there are many levels of enjoyment. The Christian ethos which frames this tale is undeniable. Within that context, the story reveals its deeper meaning. More than a mystery, more than a spectral display of imagination, Eve of All Hallows invites the reader to face the questions and concerns that continuously haunt our thoughts until we acknowledge them for what they are--the transforming power of God's Spirit who desires that God's children live free from all fear.
Travel now with Fr. Andrew and decide for yourself what is real and what is not.

                                                                    Sincerely, Fr. Chris Aridas

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