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Toward the end which is a Love fully given to God, I resolve that aided by Grace I will be a help to my brothers and sisters, so that their lives might be free of sin, so that they might know peace, inner quiet, and freedom to pray because of what I do for them and say to them. I resolve to be a strength in the Faith for my brothers and sisters, and for the Faith of all in the Church. 
Toward this end which is the total and unconditional Love of Jesus, before all other love, I resolve that aided by Grace, I will be one of the brothers or sisters living in Him and working for Him; that I will help to establish a Christian community within my Church and also within the larger Body of Christ. I pray that with God's Grace I will exercise diligence in caring for, protecting, and nurturing Life for God that I find everywhere in the Church, particularly in the young who look to us for direction, example, and support for their Faith.

Toward this end which is a Life afire with Love for Christ, I resolve to seek counsel from and respect the counsel of those who stand ordained to speak and act in the name of Jesus. I resolve to confess my sins in order to draw the strength of the Lord's Spirit from the Sacrament of Penance; to examine my life with a spiritual director; to seek guidance for growth in my ardent Love for God at least once a month. With the docility of a small child abandoned in love and trust to the arms of his Father, I resolve to be sincerely open to God's design for my whole life -- genuinely considering all possible avenues of calling from Him, including religious vocation, commitment to full-time apostolic work, and celibacy or marriage.

Toward this end which is an ardent Love for God with all my heart and mind and strength, I resolve under the aid and impulse of Grace to feed my soul through devotion to the Eucharist, to be nourished frequently by the Body and Blood of Our Lord. I will frequently at Mass join myself to Jesus, and enter with Him into his offering of Self to the Father. For it is in union with Him in His Body and Blood that I realize and concretize my act of abandonment to the Father, the gift of my life to the Father -- a life that is nothing less than a life given up to Him in union with His Son.

Toward this end which is a life bathed and immersed in the Spirit of God, I resolve that with God's help I will strive to heal the Church and not rent or wound the Body of Christ. I pray to give fealty, trust, and docility to the leaders of the Church, for they are God's representatives among us. I pray to give my trust, support, and cooperation to the Director of our Brotherhood and Sisterhood in Him. With God's help I will work to encourage the Director toward a greater pursuit of God and His Holiness.

Toward the end which is a life for God and for my brothers and sisters, I resolve to meet with my brothers and sisters once a week. I resolve to share my Life in God with them in a spirit of genuine openness. I do this so that I and they might know encouragement and support in our desire to live more wholeheartedly for the Lord, and to grow inexorably in lives lived for the Lord and His Church.

Toward this end that is a total Love for God, according to truth and guided by His word, I resolve that with the aid of Grace I will understand myself not as a model or exemplar of Love who has arrived long since at the heights of perfection, but rather as a sinner always in need of purification; as a pilgrim forever and endlessly on a journey to perfection in Love and freedom from sin. I resolve that at least once a week I will examine my conscience and pray for the Light, through God's Grace, to see and understand my deficiency and sinfulness in His sight.

Mary, Mother of Our Lord, God gave you this singular privilege of saying "Yes!" to Him in a Divine Wedding. There is a magnificence and grandeur to your "Yes!" Because of it Light has come into the darkness; people have touched the Truth which this world on its own can neither see or know. Because of it people have found Christ. In His Presence they have known peace in trial, courage in the face of fear, consoling Joy despite the emptiness and tragedy of life. Because of your "Yes", Mary, Living Bread and Life-giving Water have been found in the wilderness of this world.

Pray for us, Mary, that always we can say "Yes" as you did, that Jesus might be born again in the world through us, that Jesus might become flesh, now, again, in the world of our day and time.


I also resolve with God's help to forgive the brothers and sisters who in some way hurt my Life for the Lord. In honesty, I pray to be open and yet gentle in communicating what wrongs I see in the Church, and in working to correct those wrongs. With the aid and discernment of Grace I resolve to be vigilant in watching out for the good of all my brothers and sisters, and to be zealous for their growth in the Love of Jesus.
I resolve with God's Power to accept correction, to be open to criticism, to ask forgiveness for wrongs I have done, to be vigilant in prayer for some vision and understanding of my sins -- that our bond of peace and oneness in the Holy Spirit will never be impaired through my fault.

Toward this end which is a Life abandoned to God as wood is given up to the fire, I resolve that with God's help I will give myself each day to prayer, knowing keenly that it is here I touch the Lord and know Him most fully. My intimacy, the fire of my Love for Him, rests upon prayer a s upon a rock foundation. The rains that descend, the floods that come, the winds that blow cannot disturb the person who stays near to him in the embrace of prayer. I resolve by God's help to pray each day to the measure that I can always be aware of Him -- and this with a vision not easily obscured, or a freedom not easily shaken or overcome.

Toward this end that is a Life totally for God, I resolve with the aid of Grace to interiorize the Word of God each day, to make the Word my home, to be free moving within its Spirit -- moving in harmony with its call to us, and with its meaning. I resolve not to resist its invitation, or veil myself to the will of our Lord expressed there. I resolve to exercise care in learning its proper denotation - not to abuse or exploit its meaning for my advantage or for expedient ends. Its use for me will always be to know Him more Who is Eternal Life. I will use the word only as a means to come to a deeper understanding of Him Who is the Truth. Then for Love of Him I will walk with Joy in that Truth by which He leads me more fully into Life with Him.

I, _________________________________________________, resolve with God’s help to be a brother/sister in Jesus, living for Him, given up to Him in a love that is afire, total, depending on no condition.

As fire consumes, so with God’s help may I be consumed by the Spirit of Jesus, abandoned and sold into His Power, Who desires only my good, my perfection in Love, my Joy full beyond measure.

As light pierces darkness, so with God’s help do I now yield myself up to Him to be pierced, known, and loved by Him. I will work under the aid of Grace to be His chosen one out of Love. I will work by His Power to have no other Love before this Love.

As a sheep is docile, submissive, obedient to the will and leading of the shepherd, so my meat and delight will be to walk in the will of God. His word with the aid of Grace will be for me as a lamp burning and shining in the dark place which is this world – this world still standing in contrast to the order and Light which the God of Love intends for it.

As a sponge is open and receptive to the water that touches its surface, or as a bride is open and receptive to the embrace of the spouse, or a child is abandoned in trust and without fear into the arms of the father, so with God’s help do I resolve each day to pray as one given up to the Father of all peoples as a simple child.

Toward this end which is the Love of the Father with all one’s heart and strength and mind, I resolve with the aid of Grace to live for those who share this Life for God. This Life for God Jesus revealed to us and scripture preserves for us. This Life for God, Jesus gives to us now by His indwelling Spirit. Sharing in this, His one Life, which we receive from our one Father – in Jesus and through His Holy Spirit – we are then “brothers" and “sisters" of the same Father, drinking of the same Life. 

In a most profound and real sense as members of one Body and all parts of the one Christ, I resolve with God’s Power to live for my brothers and sisters, knowing full well that we do not go to God together by chance or only because preference dictates. It is rather the case that unless we go together we do not arrive at all. The parts of the Body must work together or they do not live. And if Life is an ever-deepening knowledge and intimacy with the Father in union with Jesus, then we need come to the Father together if we would truly have Life with God. ‘The eye cannot say to the hand, “I have no need of you"…’ Were we to think that we could love God and shun our brothers and sisters, our words and lives would only inherit the wind bearing emptiness and desolation. We would be as the noisy gong or clanging cymbal devoid of all true Love.
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