Doug is an educator and theologian who has been teaching and ministering to youth in the Catholic Church since 1972.  For his collegiate and graduate work, Doug attended the College of the Holy Cross, Georgetown University (on scholarship!), St. John's University in Queens, Long Island, and Fordham University in the Bronx, New York.  Both his Masters and Doctoral Studies were in New Testament Theology, with specialization in Pauline and Lucan Studies.

       By 1983 Doug had passed his Doctoral Comprehensives at Fordham, and at that time his mentor in graduate studies cited the syntax section of his doctoral exam as "one of the best ever handed in at the Fordham Graduate School of Theology."  In 1992 Doug had his 256 page Doctoral Thesis approved in its entirety, with a need for only "minor cosmetic revisions."  The approval was given by one of the most renowned theologians in the world at that time, and a main author and contributor to the "Jerome Biblical Commentary."  The paper dealt with Luke's understanding of the Eschaton ("end" of the world), and many of the ideas in that paper will resonate in his Doug's books.  He has been well known now within the renewal movements of the Church for over 35 years.  He is a dynamic leader of Adult and Youth Retreat Weekends, and is one of the key founders of the Antioch Weekend movement both in the Boston area as well as on Long Island.

       Doug's dream is to see the evangelization of the world within his lifetime.  He is the creator of a prophetic school of Catholic thought, one which seeks the deeper conversion of the Church and our country to the person of Christ, and to the Spirit of His Love.  His dream has already been partially realized by the formation of "Trinity-Cor Ministries."  This is an incorporated apostolic group of men and women who have committed time and resources to the dream of a people and a society filled with the Spirit - filled with the Love of the Risen Christ, and becoming a sign of that Love for each other and the world.  It is with the support of this group that the books of the Trinity collection are being published.  

       Doug resides in the Boston area with his wife and best friend, Patti.  His published works are "Echos of An Ancient Word", "The Catholic Hodge Podge, or Will The Real Gospel Please Stand Up?", and "Eve of All Hallows", Both "Book One - The  Night of The Stranger" and "Book Two - The Power of The Christ".  Doug is presently completing "Book Three" of the "Hallows Trilogy", "The Dawn of All Saints".  He is very excited about a project for publication that he is also currently preparing, which will explore "Biblical Themes in Contemporary Film".  

       Doug is now dedicating full time efforts to writing and speaking in the hope of helping to revitalize the Church, and of "...making the power of apostolic Christianity come alive once more in our own day and time."
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