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. “Trinity-Cor" is the nucleus group of a Catholic organization named “Trinity-Cor Ministries", which has been founded by Douglas P. Michaud and which has been incorporated as of 1981. This organization has consecrated itself to Mary and has established as its fundamental goal “…to know in Christ the Love of the Father, and to declare, proclaim, and advance that knowledge for others."

The name “Trinity-Cor" derives its origin from the following two facts:

1.) To know Jesus Christ, the Love (the Spirit Who is this Love) of the Father, is to know the “Trinity."

2.) To know the Trinity through union with God in Christ’s Spirit is the heart, the “Cor" of Christianity.

  The name of the nucleus group then identifies the fact of God in Christ present among us in the Spirit of His own Love as the “Cor" of Christianity, and the central task and goal of the organization, “Trinity-Cor Ministries", which the nucleus group directs, is to make the “Cor" of Christianity widely known and understood.

“Trinity-Cor" will accomplish its central task through the formation of “Trinity-Cor Ministries", which is to be the main functioning body of the total organization.

“Trinity-Cor" will extend membership into this central body by invitation and will draw up by-laws which would establish the group’s functioning policies.

It would be understood that all members of “Trinity-Cor" are to aid and affirm “Trinity-Cor Ministries" with a commitment to prayer and fasting, a commitment to weekly occasions for group meetings, to periodic group retreats, as well as a commitment to promote and financially support the ministry of “Trinity-Cor and its Director.

II. The fundamental goal of “Trinity-Cor Ministries" is to be advanced as follows:

1.) Through “Trinity-Cor" which is a fraternity and sorority already in operation. The goal of its members is that of “Trinity-Cor": to know in Jesus the Love of God the Father. Consecrated to Mary, its members become for each other a source of strength in the Faith and an apostolic force toward the renewal of the Church.

Inspired by the need to proclaim the Christian Gospel in a clear and decisive way, "Trinity-Cor Ministries" is to emerge as an apostolic community of men and women bound by covenant, which community would strengthen and challenge each of its members toward an ever deeper penetration of Christ’s Love and a bold effort to live for Him.

The “Trinity-Cor Covenant" explains the character and spirituality of the community, the commitments of its members, and the admission requirements of the group.

2.) Through a “Trinity Collection" of writings which would consist of books, articles, and eventually a periodical of a monthly or quarterly nature – all of which would express, stimulate and intensify the vision of Life in Christ that is the motive and goal of the group’s existence.

3.) Through “Trinity-Cor" retreats (eg., The Antioch Weekend, The St. Francis Retreat, Life in the Spirit Seminars), days and weekends of renewal, as well as apostolic training seminars and courses on all aspects of Christianity.

An eventual goal is the purchase of a center for the formal and informal gathering of group members. Such a place would also be used as a Conference Center whereby the public would be able to have ready access to the services and products of “Trinity-Cor Ministries".  
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