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 for Doug and His Work for Christ
Dear Parents, Students, and Friends,

Of all the commendations and letters of recommendation I have received over the last few months, the endorsement by former Catholic Memorial Principal, Richard Chisholm, is one that I value most highly, and one that I am most honored to receive. I received it during Christmas season and will always regard it as a most treasured Christmas gift. His affirmation of my teaching skill and his commendation for my MES courses represents a most positive review from one of the esteemed educators in the greater Boston area. It is with his permission that I publish his letter on the Commendations Page of our website.


Doug Michaud 

Douglas P. Michaud, Ph.D.C. Director of Modern Educational Systems,
Northeast Region

Letter from Richard Chisholm:

I have known Doug Michaud for more than 25 years, first as a parent and more recently as an educator. When thinking about Mr. Michaud, the initial thing that stands out is his commitment to education and his students. He is a very gifted, innovative, competent and practical classroom teacher whose top priority is the success of his students.

Most often the difference between good students and poor or average ones rests on the difference in their reading and study skills. A deficiency in reading and study skills will detract from the overall benefits of a child’s education. These abilities can significantly influence both the quantity and quality of a student’s work in high school, as well as college. Mr. Michaud’s Modern Educational System program is specifically designed to improve critical reading, writing, verbal test-taking, and study skills. Over the years students who completed Mr. Michaud’s courses at Catholic Memorial School have consistently demonstrated dramatic increases in their ability to read, write, and study effectively. Improvement in these areas is critically important as students move through school coping with numerous standardized tests.

Mr. Michaud enthusiastically presents his program every day he walks into the classroom. Each student gets his complete attention and he treats each individual with dignity and respect which he in turn expects and receives from his students. He is a creative and confident man who possesses a tireless work ethic coupled with the skills, insight and “common sense” required of a clever educator. He communicates clearly and effectively and is at ease dealing with parents or students. Mr. Michaud will go out of his way to work with families to make certain that the student fulfills all required course work in order to receive the entire rewards from his program.

I highly recommend Mr. Michaud and enthusiastically endorse the Modern Educational System program.  

Richard F. Chisholm 
Principal Catholic Memorial School 

A Commendation from "Johnnie D."

The following commendation is from one of my lifelong friends, “Johnnie D.” For over 35 years John has been one of my closest friends helping me and supporting me in the proclamation of the Gospel. In fact, he is one of the original four shareholders that worked with me to found Trinity-Cor Ministries in the early 1980’s. He remains a cherished life-long friend and a singular source of inspiration in my continued efforts to proclaim Jesus through my talks, my writings, and my retreat ministry. The highest praise I can give to John is to say that I cannot read the words of our Lord in John 5:35 without thinking of “Johnnie D.”: “He was a lamp burning and shining, and you found joy in his light.”  

                                                                - In God's Peace, Doug +

I have known Doug Michaud for more than 35 years, first as my youth minister and later as a close friend. During this time, I have observed Doug tirelessly proclaiming the Gospel with his words, and more importantly, with his life. He has taught and inspired many, especially youth, towards a deeper faith in our Lord Jesus Christ through the Roman Catholic Tradition. By doing so, he has left a significant legacy that continues to change lives today.

Initially, I was a team member on youth retreats that Doug ran in our parish. More recently, Doug has been a team member on adult retreats in which I participated. In all of these activities, I observed Doug putting in many hours of preparation, including significant prayer time. For every activity, Doug is very well prepared and extremely thorough. Hence, his words and ideas can bring light to people’s lives and inspire them to open their hearts to the Lord.  

Though Doug enthusiastically presents the Gospel, his real charism comes from the way in which he relates to those around him. Doug has the gift of warmth. Each person gets his complete attention as he listens to them. He treats each individual with dignity so that they are elevated. For example, at the beginning of one youth retreat, where Doug was an out-of-state guest speaker, each person introduced themselves with their name and a little piece of information about them. The room was full with about 70 youth. After everyone introduced themselves, Doug was able to tell everyone their name and also the little piece of trivia. The youth were now open to the words, that Doug later spoke that weekend, about how knowing God can change their lives.

The result of Doug’s hard work and warm personality in proclaiming the Gospel is his legacy. I am still in contact with many people who were touched by Doug’s life over the last 35 years. Their lives, as well as my own, have been changed and continue to be redirected towards the Lord. In fact, I can name more than a dozen people who are currently in active youth, or young adult, ministry directly because of Doug; I am sure there are many more. There are few treasures that we can take with us, but the greatest of these treasures is to do as Doug has done. Bring others to Christ and have them go out and do the same.  

In God’s Peace,

John P. Dawyot, Sr.
Marketing Programs Manager